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USDA Purchase Loans at a Glance

USDA Home Loans are comparable to conventional mortgages, but with the key differences of offering $0 money down and affordable yearly mortgage insurance.

With the USDA Guaranteed Loan, a buyer can finance 100 percent of the purchase price of the home, in addition to the funding fee set by the USDA – making this one of the last true 0$ down programs.

Another USDA Loan advantage is that the USDA Loan's mortgage insurance fee is just 0.50% monthly – nearly half of what is charged on a conventional loan and a quarter of what is charged on FHA – and doesn't fluctuate in respect to the down payment.

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Zero Money Down

In today's market, finding a true $0 down mortgage is nearly impossible, with exception of the USDA Loan. Unlike conventional mortgages - which require up to 20% down - this amazing benefit allows you to keep more cash on hand, keeping you prepared for life's emergencies.

Many Homes are Eligible

Properties eligible for the USDA Loan must meet what the USDA deems as rural. With the USDA's interpretation, many homebuyers in suburbs of major metropolitan areas are eligible, in addition to those living in small towns and rural areas.

Lenient Borrower Requirements

Similar to other government backed programs, the USDA Home Loan is funded by approved lenders and backed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Through this guarantee lenders have greater confidence to extend financing to a larger range of applicants.

Millions are Eligible

Designated "rural" areas are easily found across the entire country, making millions eligible.

Get to Closing Quicker

Processing times have sped up immensely, reaching closing dates in as little as 30 days.

Multiple Uses

Both first-time and repeat homebuyers can be eligible for this incredible home loan program.

Zero Money Down

Possibly the most notable benefit is no required down payment for eligible homebuyers.

USDA Loan Eligibility

The USDA Guaranteed Home Loan is funded by a USDA-approved lender and guaranteed by the USDA. This guarantee allows homebuyers to receive low interest rates, zero money down and lenient eligibility requirements. Additionally, through the USDA’s guarantee, homebuyers that may not have qualified for a conventional mortgage have the opportunity to secure home financing.

USDA Loan qualification standards vary by property location, which is why it is best to contact a USDA Loan specialist to help determine if you are eligible. As for the general requirements, a homebuyer must:

  • Provide proof of reliable income, which generally includes two years of tax returns or W2's. For those who are self-employed, you may need to provide additional tax documentation.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen and the property has to be your primary residence.
  • Be willing and able to repay the loan. This includes a credit history with no accounts converted to collections within the past 12 months, or no prior bankruptcy in the past two years.


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